Henkel Surface Treatment Selector Guide

A simply-organized, easy-to-use brochure from Henkel Corporation details the company's complete line of products and services for industrial surface treatment.

Henkel Surface Treatment Selector GuideThe Henkel Surface Treatment Selector Guide is a 44-page brochure that provides detailed information on the company's products for corrosion protection, paint adhesion and environmental safety.

Designed to help manufacturers select the correct product for their specific applications, The Henkel Surface Treatment Selector Guide is organized to facilitate product selection. Pages with dark blue headings at the front of the brochure highlight the company’s most popular surface treatment products. Pages with light blue headings include all products in the surface treatment line.

The literature provides detailed descriptions and chart-style selector guides for all Henkel surface treatment products including alkaline cleaners, rust preventatives, acid cleaners, industrial cleaners, conditioners, iron phosphate cleaner coaters, iron phosphate conversion coatings, light metal conversion coatings, light metal post-treatments, paint strippers and specialty products. The final sections discuss the company’s engineering services and OEM training services. The index lists products alphabetically by brand name.