Posted August 15, 2016

D&S Industrial Fasteners opens new location

D&S Industrial Fasteners announced the grand opening of the company's first retail storefront in Washington, Pa.

D&S Fasteners storefront"This is a tremendous step forward for us," said Steve Celaschi, D&S Industrial Fasteners managing partner. "We have always been primarily a business-to-business company, but the storefront gives us a new way to interact with and serve potential clients."

For years, D&S Industrial Fasteners has sold products directly to businesses from its Coraopolis, Pa. headquarters. Its customer base has ranged from independent contractors to large multinational firms such as US Steel, Ford Motor Co., and Walmart. In spite of the company's nearly 20 years in operation, Celaschi said, D&S Industrial Fasteners has never had a showroom or walk-in retail environment until now. Most of the bestselling items in his company's catalog, Celaschi added, will be available at the Jefferson Avenue location.

The new retail store, Celaschi said, represents an expansion of his company's business model to one that's more responsive and more relaxed. "Here," Celaschi said, "we can encourage interactions with customers in a more informal setting than our offices. It's a new, but exciting, direction for us."

Celaschi also noted that, "Having a physical location in a busy part of Washington, right off the main interchange that many of our customers use daily, gives us constant exposure while providing a convenient pick-up point for anyone who needs one of our products right away."

In addition to fasteners, the company provides safety equipment for the oil and gas industry, chemicals for manufacturing and maintenance shops, and a wide assortment of manual and power tools. Its primary product lines include Brighton-Best, Nucor Fasteners, Star Stainless Screw Company, Winzer, Honeywell, Fibre-Metal, Muck Boot, North Safety Products, 3M, and Yeti.